When it rains I’ll get wet and in the sunshine I’ll be dry

When it rains I get wet and in the sunshine I'll be dry

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – L2 – Windows & Floor taken from ‘Kowloon memory
  • Character machine – 7- Your Future (NEW @ The Arcade)

On me

  • Shoes – /h/ Devilicious Heels Red (NEW)
  • Dress/Coat – *{JB}* Vintage Manteau [Floral]
  • Umbrella – –DRD- Victorian umbrella
  • Pose – oOo – dovima_five

The ramblings

The Arcade almost started and  gacha fever has begun. Like the last Arcade I am going to try very very hard to restrain myself… Emphasis on try.

Your Future, is a machine from Seven Emporium, dressed up in textures that are stunning. If you touch the machine you get your fortune told and I had a blast going through them. There are more then enough, I haven’t seen them all yet and I have been playing with it excessively.

Since no future should be faced without proper heels, why not go devilcious. I love the name, the shape and again the color. I have told so before and I will tell you again, I love the choice of colors Jamie puts out. A little birdy told me they will be available at the next round of the thriftshop which should start soon. So keep your eyes peeled for more info.

Happy shopping!


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