Not drunk, I promise

Not drunk, I promise

The shopping list and ramblings

On me

  • Cardigan – ::GB:: Cardigan 2014 Gray (NEW @ TMD)
  • Pants – /h/ Punked Out Pants V4 (NEW @ the Thrift Shop)
  • Shoes -/h/ Punked Sneakers V5 (NEW @ the Thrift Shop)
  • Ink – -Reckless- Mode – (NEW @ TMD)
  • Pose – Del May – Sobriety test 1 (NEW)

On him

  • Jeans – [ 2byte ] waist shirts jeans 01 (NEW @ TMD)
  • Shirt – !gO! Men’s Hoodie *black*
  • Sneakers –  Sneaker SPLITTER Creme (Unisex) – REDGRAVE (NEW @ TMD)
  • Pose – Del May – Edgy Male

The ramblings, grab a chair and enjoy the ride

Heathenesque has released a punk outfit! It has shirts and shoes but what I absolutely adore it has jeans that are simply epic. Absolutely epic. I adore jeans and I personally usually drool over the jeans that are made for guys. Don’t get me wrong, therer are great women’s jeans out there but I want them holes and staines and what more. But most of all I want leg long jeans. I dont want jeans flopping around my mid-lower-leg. I want them either long or cut ‘m off and have shorts. So once more Poe and Jamie hit the nail on the head with their releases.

Poe ánd Jamie? Yes. Because for the guys Poe made the same but then in guy sizes!

Back to Jamie now. The shoes, jeans and shirt come in a variety of colors and they are just well epic? 

As you all know I adore signs and machines. If you haven’t seen the newest releases from Seven Emporium for the Arcade then you still have a bit over 2 weeks to go and rape that machine. 

Personally I feel that the Arcade has lost a bit of magic. After a few days you can buy everything, usually at the same price as at the Arcade, on the various gacha-yard-sales. And yours truly did so as well. I confess. I am a sinner. 

However the magic of the Arcade is getting lost. I would like to see that change. I think that the Arcade is one of SL’s best events and it’s special. Maybe the organisers of the Arcade can come up with an evil plan to restore the magic of the Arcade, without being shunned or booed out by the various gacha reseller cartels. I don’t know. Just a thought.

Either way, enough ramblings, Happy shopping!


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