Home & Garden Expo – JoHaDeZ


In a few days the 7th annual Second Life Home and Garden Expo will open her doors.

All participating designers donate two brand new designs for Relay For Life. Meaning that the profits of those sales go 100% towards that very good cause.

JoHaDeZ will also be participating and will be donating a brand new bed and a lantern. The bed I will be showing you in a bit, but I wanted to give you a glimpse of the the store set up on the HG sim.

I had a brief conversation with Kat Alderson one of the coordinators of the HG Expo and when I asked her about how much stress she had she said;

‘someone asked me before if I had lost my mind!  I said, “Dood, that shit got on a cruise ship four days ago, and is headed for the Bahamas.  I hope it writes when it gets there, because I miss it.”

I can only say that I thoroughly admire each and every volunteer that has helped set up and organize this event because it is easy to forget that those people are often volunteers and are donating what is most precious to us all in my eyes, time.

September 16th you are invited to visit the biggest Home and Garden event SL has, spread out over several sims with a list of creators that is a mile long.

The official website you can find here.

Happy Shopping!


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