The day after the night before

Home sweet home?

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – Thistle Homes – Thistle Park Slope Townhouse Center
  • Bed – -JoHaDeZ- GardenBed “Natural” (NEW for HG Expo, open 16th september)
  • Chair (s) – Soy+SKBIO. Chair [in town of Camaguey] night (NEW for Atelier Keslo)
  • Lamps – Kuro – Cage lamp (NEW for Level Up)
  • Trash bags – Kuro– Trash (black) w/ flies (NEW for Level Up)
  • Beer crate – [ kunst ] – Kunsteiner bottle’s box / Red ale – empty (grunge)
  • Bottle – [ kunst ]– Kunsteiner bottle / Red ale (grunge)
  • Curtain – Soy. Vintage lace curtain (cream)
  • Wall art – Apple Fall Boston Print No.1
  • Pose – Del May – Mind Game

The ramblings

Tomorrow the 7th annual Home and Garden Expo will open her gates. Sims and sims full of houses, decor items and all you could wish for if you like decorating.

JoHaDeZ has released the GardenBed and it is a 100% donation item. Both PG and Adult versions are available.

Soy and SKBIO bring these chairs to another round of Atelier Keslo. I do love the Atelier and their tradition with the chairs, as well as the cupcake festival for that matter.

Kuro has released these lamps and trash bags which were the inspiration for this picture. For weeks I have been rezzing and derezzing the Thistle houses. Admiring them and decorating them but never could quiet that ‘look’ I wanted. Once more Luana saved the day.

Last but not least the fantastic beer-line from [Kunst]. I adore this crate so much and now (finally) it shines in a picture. 

Lots of places to go, shopping to do so I will quit babbling.

Happy shopping!


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