Dear darling

Dear darling

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – Scarlet Creative – Meribel House RARE (NEW @ The Arcade)
  • Desk & Chair – Dutchie adult writing desk with chair (NEW @ HG Expo)
  • Teacup – AF – Teacup Rose – gacha item (NEW @ K9)
  • Pens in cup – -tres blah- Pencil holder (NEW @ The Arcade)

On me

The ramblings

The Meribel house from Scarlet Creative is yet again another house that blows you away. Textures, lay-out it all works together and for me most houses Charlotte releases are finished decorating the second you rezz them. Maybe add a chair or chaise but that’s it. It’s maybe hard to believe for many but more often then not have I just rezzed a Scarlet Creative build and left it like that. Simply enjoying the shape and only playing with windlight settings to create the mood I wanted. 

Today I ‘dressed the house’ with one of the new releases from Dutchie.

The writing desk with mismatched chair is spot on for me and the animations are as per usual perfect. The textures are grand and I love everything about it. Those who have seen Dutchies own pictures with it will realize that once more Froukje hit the nail on the head with her animations. 

The adult version includes a ‘Skype’ option. Do I need to explain more? Well I can’t resist. When you bring up that choice a computer pops on the desk and you have a variety of choices of what you can do when on skype! I think it’s a brilliant option and one that made me laugh because it’s just to funny seeing your avi doing that what.. well nvm that. Just hop over to Dutchie Adult and try it out for yourself. 

The PG version of the desk is available at the HG Expo, the adult version can be found at Dutchie adult. Other then the animations it is simply a great addition to each decor.

As for my ink, what’s there to say? Reckless has released a few new tattoo’s for the Thriftshop and as always they are simply good. I adore what Landon creates and this is no exception.

That’s it for now,thank you for reading and Happy shopping!

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