We all live in prisons of our own making

We all live in prisons of our own making

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Bunk bed – .:revival:. camp cot (NEW @ HG Expo)
  • Sloth – {theosophy} Pullover Sloth (Live Slow)

On me

  • Jeans – Bueno – BF Jeans Night – (NEW @ K9)
  • Top – heathenesque Retrogasm Natural Top
  • Shoes – [Deadwool] Patmos boots – black
  • Hair – MINA – Femke – Essentials

The ramblings

The HG Expo is on it’s way and one of the goodies there to be had is this camp cot from Revival. Which I will stubbornly call bunk bed because well.. I am stubborn like that. As always the textures and mesh are excellent and it comes with many poses for both male/female and couples. And as you are used to by now, it has texture change options.

My new friend is something I found lazing around at Theosophy mainstore and I simply couldn’t resist. I have a weak spot for sloths and the wee one next to me I just had to have him. 

The jeans from Bueno are all you want from jeans if you like great textures, length and perfect fit. They are available in various colours and damaged and un-damaged so you have the agony of choice.

With the top I am wearing you don’t have to choose. It comes with a hud that gives you plently of options, making this top a must have I think in many wardrobes. The fit is perfect and the textures hold op under the harshest of lights. As you know I like to use harsh lights when making pictures so it’s been tested hard. 

Heathenesque mainstore begins to take shape. After the move to the new store location deadlines for releases made it a hectic time for Jamie but things are coming together. I picked up this top and the skirt (yes Cao and Peep a skirt) yesterday and I am happy as can be. Of course I had to pair with jeans but that is because I am so shy…

As for my boots.. What can I say. In my world, and don’t drive me out of town now for this, there are only two places you go when you want boots like this. One of them is Deadwool. Rigged and non-rigged versions, cutted and un-cutted (like I am wearing here) are all included in one neat package. If you want to make them fit under jeans you actually can by fiddeling a wee bit with the size and wriggeling them around a bit.

A very important tip tho when you are messing with the position of the boots; Use a pose stand and don’t be a lazy sob like I was and spend 3 hours looking for your boot.

Last but not least my hair from MINA. As you know I have a weakness for wigs in SL but at times I do love going bald and/or shaven hairbase. Lately I have been wearing the MINA hairs and I have to say I adore them. Many options in one color pack and they simply are grand.

Sorry for writing a book this time but I guess I was on a roll. However I’ll shut up now. 

Happy shopping.

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