Shifting winds

Shifting winds

The shopping list and ramblings

On me

  • Hair – MOON{Hair}. Pennyroyal Tea – Greyscales (NEW @ 21)
  • Ink – Reckless – Hoot – (NEW @ 21)

The ramblings

The chapel from Scarlet Creative is one my all time favorite builds in SL. I love love the space inside (there are 2 versions) and if you fiddle a bit with light the high windows create spectacular light. 

The chaise from Dutchie is another favorite. It will be available at Consensual at a 30 percent discount. Consensual will open friday, September 26th till sunday October 5th. 

The textures are simply drop dead gorgeous. The somewhat torn texture will fit perfectly in any decor. Seriously go take a look. As per usual it is packed with animations and props that attach automatic to your avi. A demo is available at Dutchie Adult furniture.

(note: I choose a pose that is NOT part of the chair just because I wanted to use this very pose.)

The ink from Reckless is as per usual bang on. What I love once more is that the tattoo also covers the head and if you are a sucker for short hair, like I am, it creates an epic hairbase. 

Happy shopping!


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