After dinner

After dinner

The shopping list and ramblings

  • The build – Scarlet Creative Mountain Lodge Mesh House (past Arcade RARE)
  • Table & Chairs – Kuro – The swingers dinner (NewConsensual
  • Chair – Kalopsia –  Chair from the set ‘The Next Morning’ (NewConsensual
  • Cat in box – (fd) Cat – 18 Peeking in Box RARE (NEW @ the Arcade)
  • Wine bottle – [Breno] – wine bottle red

The ramblings

The swingers dinner is the release from Kuro for Consensual, the adult furniture event that offers top quality, new adult furniture at a 30% discount for the duration of the event. 

The name gives it away all ready that it is set up for more then one couple and the animations are great. It comes in a variety of colors and if you go over the animations you will chairs being thrown over as the couple(s) are overcome by passion. 

It is a formidable role play set but also a great asset to any decor. The meal setting is part of the set just the wine bottle on the floor is from Breno. Still the best wine in the game in my honest opinion. 

(note: I have edited the placement of one chair, so I could keep the picture PG)

From Kalopsia comes another great release for Consensual. I am showing only the chair but the set also features a bed, a lamp, a rug and a mirror. Besides making great and often ‘different then others’ stuff the designer from Kalopsia knows what customer service is. A while back I was at her (new) store and couldn’t find a specific item and finally I put on my big girl panties and asked where it was hiding or that maybe I needed glasses. She not only responded on the spot but gifted me the item I was looking for. I call that service beyond service. Thank you again!

The chair is great and not only for play but as a decor item as well. You have many reasons to visit Consensual and I hope to show you a few more very soon.

Last but not least I want to thank you Nathaniel for being so patient and once more pose with me. 

Happy shopping!


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