Profound pleasure or shadow play?

Profound Pleasure or shadow play

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – Apple Fall: Plywood Commercial (NEW @ HG Expo)
  • Sign – 7 – Love Box Sign (NEW)
  • Storage cart – cart (NEW @ Consensual)

On me

  • Ink – Reckless – Hex
  • Hair – MINA – Sophia – Black & white specials

The ramblings

Seven Emporium released two new signs for FLF and this great ‘love’ sign. For the FLF offer, you still got some hours left! If you are on the right side of the Atlantic that is. The Love sign is a normal release.

Seriously, by now if you have read even a few posts, you know how much I love the work Agustov does. His textures are to drool over (dabs chin) and this sign is once more showing how it’s done when it comes to signs.

Consensual is steaming along nicely and lots of goodies to be had there for adult role play. Revival has released the storage cart and a great bathtub. Obviously I am showing the cart. 

What I like is that you can use this item as well for decor. It’s not just about ‘adult’. On it’s own it is simply yet again a wonderful decor item from Revival. 

Apple Fall made this build and I can’t help myself.. I am a groupie. I simply love his stuff. I won’t burst out in hymn about how good his stuff is, because well it is. 

Yes, once more I am wearing the Hex tattoo from Reckless. What can I say? I simply love it and it is the tattoo that I wear most of all. 

And MINA hair.. I remember I tried this exact hair on a month ago or so and since then.. bye bye baldy Rwah, hello long haired Rwah. I wonder what will be next.

Very seldom I post two posts in one day but officially it’s saturday here so I .. well I did.

As for the tittle.. Bare with me, it’s 2 am here and I am tired and listening to epic tunage. I’ll post a link at the very bottom which is pretty close to this as for now I am done rambling. Go shop and sin.. or something like that. 

Happy shopping



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