Don’t speak bad of my shoes baby

Don't speak bad of my shoes baby

The shopping list and ramblings

Landscape – Skye &  *alirium* 

  • Boat – [we’re CLOSED] row boats dark (NEW for CSR)
  • Lantern – Revival – Lantern Cast Iron L – (NEW)

On me

  • Dress – 7mad;Ravens Miss DOA (NEW for Suicide Dollz)
  • Shoes – /h/ Bling Hunt Sandals -High Slink (NEW for Bling Hunt sept. 30th  – oct 30th)
  • Pose – ::Axix:: LordCrow. (pose 6, I think!)

The ramblings

Making fun of a girl’s shoes never ends well….

Cosmopolitan Sales Room has started a new round and We’re Closed has this beautiful row boat up for grabs there. It comes of course with animations (you can’t row row your boat) but it offers single (15) & couples poses (8).

7mad;Ravens made this.. Miss DOA dress and what can I say other then that I love it? The bloody texture is perfect for the season, as are the sizes for that matter. 

Sadly the lantern from Revival fell away a wee bit in the post processing of this picture but it is the perfect item to light up your decor. 

Alex Bader has I think dressed up more sims in SL then anyone else and I am a groupie. Just hop over in the off chance you never been there and treat yourself to some rocks or land forms or mountains or , or , or. The spread is epic. 

Short and sweet today as real life is being hectic and busy.

Happy shopping!

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