Junk Box

junk box

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – junk. hunt skybox. (for shadows) (NEW @ Fameshed)
  • Album – 8f8 – 17. Our Secret Hideout – Our Memories (Gacha item)
  • Pose – Del May – Pit Stop

The ramblings

Hold on to your hats as I have a story to tell you! Once upon a time.. the end.

Junk has released their first ever build and as a ‘self declared house-fetishist’ I am over the moon with it. The atmosphere is that of a vintage-urban loft somewhere in some old industrial part of some town. I love it.

I am not going to moan and ramble on about how great, well made and all that blabla, visit Fameshed tomorrow and see for yourself.

The album .. geez where do I start? That it’s great? Well duh.. It’s from 8f8. But this is probably an item that I will never forget. Let me share why. 

Of course when iBi released his ‘Our secret hide out’ gacha I went for a few items and that was that. A while back I saw the album shine in a picture by Len and since I couldn’t place it I put on my big girl panties and asked. I went over to the gacha machine, smashed the piggy bank and hit that machine. And hit it again and again, again, again… and again … again.. 

I will not throw number around but trust me that that album was payed for. And it was more then worth it. I was happy as could be and it graced my coffee table in my private home since then. 

Today I wanted to ‘clean up’ my sim because I am re-building it and a friend came over to help me as I am an utter idiot when it comes to sim-management controls. While he was telling me what to do I somehow managed to hit ‘return’ in the objects tab and that was as they say that. 

All my non copy, non trans items, gone. Up to and including my album and all other goodies for that matter.

Thanks to a great person, a great woman, a great friend and someone I admire greatly I have a ‘new’ one. Thank you!!!

Anyways, tuck away your hankies and go and shop!

Happy shopping!


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  3. I am glad I am not the only one who does chit like that.. i worked all day Friday (when I was sick 8 hours) and most the day Saturday (about another 8) and from a person who can sit still maybe for 3, that’s saying a ton… on finally putting an interior in my house. I’ve been there about a year plus two months *cough* what can I say, being outdoors is my thing… anyway I was down to one or two more things and rezzed the wrong ceiling fan in the dining room. Instead of just editing it to the right room, wanting to just be done.. i edited to remove it. I removed the house instead >.< you can imagine my joy and choice words at trying to reposition the house exactly where it was… I am glad you got yours memory book back ♡

    • I learned the (very) hard way to LOCK down the house once it is in place. I cannot tell you the number of times I have done that! I blame it on the 3000 metre plummet to the ground when I deleted the floor in my first skybox 😉

      Sis, I am SO glad you got that back! I had everything returned to me by LL when my landlord abandoned his sim. I had huge lumps of stuff in my Lost & Found folder. It was literally months later when I got up the nerve to rez the lot and discovered many things I thought had disappeared forever! Of course, by then, we had moved from sculpties to mesh, so my beloved articles ended up back in my inventory. Do you remember when a simple flower arrangement was 57 prims????

      • Vague. I came to SL when flexi and sculpts were it, left for 6 months and came back all was mesh. I just deleted my inventory and started over lol ❤

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