Candy bed or bed candy?

Candy bed or bed candy

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – L2 Studio Dove Bay House (mesh) 125 li (NEW)
  • Bed, laptop, flower & vase, table – Candy Fair ’14 – Kuro & Consignment

On me

  • Hair – *Soonsiki~ Sweet Leaf *Blacks* (NEW TMD okt. 2014)
  • Pants – [R3] – Rebel Pants (Female) [V2] (NEW TMD okt. 2014)
  • Ink – Reckless – Sierra (NEW TMD okt. 2014)
  • Pose – Del May

The ramblings

Another L2 build. What can I say? Well one thing springs to mind. It is the first house from L2 that I rezzed and didn’t start to remodel. After the Kowloon memory it is the second house from L2 that for me is simply spot on. Don’t get me wrong!! ALL Lindini’s builds are grand. And apart from the style, the fact that you can modify the whole build makes this builds I love and adore and will plonk down over and over and over again.

This house, the Dove Bay House, is wide open with surround glass almost, breathtaking shadows if you fiddle with the windlight settings and has an open feel to it but still has those cosey corners where you can draw back in and watch the world go by. Something yours truly loves doing.

The bed and other decor items are a new release from two designers I adore. Luana and Wavie (Kuro and [Con.] teamed up again for the Candy fair and made this wonderful bedroom set.

The bed comes in an adult and pg version and if you work the menu, you will find some nice surprises. I haven’t tried out the pg version but in the adult version if you sit on the bed you can choose how it looks. Messy MF, MM, MMF etc. It adds a very nice change to the usual role play eye candy. 

I’ll stop rambling because your taxi’s are waiting to take you shopping.

Happy shopping!


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