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The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – L2 Studio Dove Bay House (mesh) 125 li (NEW)
  • Chair – Dutchie art deco chair left

On me

  • Pants – D R O P . Tweed Pants (Mustard) (NEW @ TMD okt. 2014)
  • Glasses – *  S O R G O – WIRE/Black S/G (NEW @ TMD okt. 2014)
  • Ink – *Bolson / Tattoo – Casanova (NEW @ TMD okt. 2014)
  • Shoes – JD – Cult Lacquered Black
  • Hair – Exile::Letters and Lipstick Blacks
  • Pose – Del May

The ramblings

TMD has started the october round and the spread is once more very lickable. Worth a visit, but those who read my blog know that I am a huge fan of this event.

The pants from DROP are male! Meaning I had to adjust the ‘saddlebags’ a wee bit to make them fit perfectly. The texture and colours on offer are great and they are long! I do not like how sometimes female pants are flopping half way around your calves so these are perfect.

Glasses from SORGO; I guess most of you know about them and how great they are. I don’t often use glasses (mainly because when I run around I dress like a bum) but these are something else and are in my ‘must wear’ folder. They come in different varieties so best you go and look for yourself.

Bolson has long since caught my eye but now they won me over because not only is their ink amazing but they offer appliers for every mesh body in town. And that is a feat. in my book.I will run back and grab more, because when all is said done you are always dressed when you wear the right ink and have done your  nails!

Just Design aka JD is a new store for me. I tried out their release at FAMESHED and well the rest is history as I now also have the classic pumps you see in the picture. The fit is flawless and the textures stunning. 

Dutchie doesn’t need any introduction I think. The chair (part of Dutchie art deco livingroom set) is an item that I will keep using because it fits in with my style seamlessly and is so well made it will make you drool.

As for the house, what can I say what I not already have said? For this picture I modded it a wee bit by lowering the railing you see. And that is the grand thing about all L2 releases. You can mod them so easy. Which for me as a self declared house fetishist is almost a must.

Enough blabla, your taxi’s are waiting!

Happy shopping!


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