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The ramblings

The mistake many people make is to think that there is only one side to a person. It’s a common mistake and one I have often made myself. However if we allow ourselves to think that the people we meet in our lives are these one faceted beings we not only sell ourselves but the other one short as well.

With that said, those who have followed this blog have seen me change. Change, in my book equals growth. Non of us is really comfortable with change, unless we deliberately choose to make the change. However the most profound change in people usually happens gradual. 

So what triggered this soap box wisdom you may wonder? Nothing. I just decided that for a change I would share the thoughts that went through my mind when I made the pictures you see above. Today I discovered I have changed more then I thought. Making the pictures I have so far has been a journey not only into the techniques of picmaking but also a very personal journey. Those who know me better, know that almost all the pictures I make tie in with my mood and feelings. As well as the titles. So there you have it, a glimpse behind the mask.

The boots I saw on the feet of a dear friend of mine, and no you can not lock them! ❤

As always what I am highlighting here is stuff I adore. Not only that, I adore the creators as well as they are two enormously talented freaks that never stop to amaze me with their creations. Your taxi’s are waiting.

Happy shopping.


    • You my sweet sister and friend have seen it all. My first feeble tries of making a blog, my first real bad pics, my first good pic. And you were always there! Thank you for you. And yes I did come full circle. Almost. Nearly there ❤

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