.. and I’ve missed your ginger hair and the way you like to dress

And I ve missed your ginger hair

Shopping list and ramblings (you might wanna buckle up)

On me

  • Jeans – /h/ Massacre Jeans BlackFade (NEW)
  • Shirt – /h/  Atonement Top Gray (NEW)

The ramblings

First of a new designer, Room 142 (at least for me) who swept me away with a skybox I have been dry humping since I bought it. Industrial type of build but what is sweet, it’s not grungy, faded or dirty. Except for the windows but you should see mine in real.

The textures are grand and the lay out is simple but with a little corner here and a little raised entrance area (the entrance is fake as it is a skybox for those who lost the plot already) it makes a perfect sky retreat. I love it.

The seat from We’re Closed is new as well as Junk’s car door. The latter a welcome replacement for my beloved doors from AF which I lost and can’t for the life of it replace. Trust me, I tried. Hard. Borderline grovelled, but to no avail.

The jeans and shirt from Jamie (heathenesque) are so lickable that I need to wring ‘m out every 15 minutes. And yes those are bloodstains on the jeans! Of course me deciding on making this picture b/w sort of messed those up. But go and check them out. The fit is awesome as well as the textures.

So buckle up I said.. well for those just wanting to read about the goodies, this is your point of grabbing the taxi’s and go shop. For those who still have steam, mini rant coming up;

For those visiting events is it really needed you use every f*cking item in your inventory that is mesh and has so many scripts it is probably capable of launching a spaceshuttle? Seriously? Do you even consider that most people go to events to shop and not to look at you? Or how many weapons you carry? Or that you out of character? Well since you are out of character do the world a favor and slap on an alpha layer and drop all your freaking attachments. Seriously quit running around on big events with all that crap.

Event organisers please enforce some kind of limits as to how much ‘weight’ an avi can carry!

My personal favorite is a couple visiting TSS yesterday in full bdsm regalia (I am trying very hard now not to have a rant in a rant) and probably wearing more huds, scripts and mesh body parts then all of the rest combined. Oh and just a tip; running around with your genitalia showing over your clothes is well.. lame?

So bah, humbug. Happy shopping.


  1. I swear, one of these days I’m going to dig out all of those snapshots I’ve taken of meshed up avis at events with body parts and clothes flying all over the place at events and do a shame post!

    I tend to go with system clothes at major, busy events, rather than an alpha, because it sometimes takes a while for the alpha to rez and I just appear to be standing there naked. Not that I’m opposed to nudity, mind you, but I don’t want to be banned from shopping venues 😉

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