Deities of old become urban idols

Deities of old become urban idols

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Builds – Urban Jungle – STORE AND APARTMENT 4
  • Dumpster on the left – Urban Jungle
  • Dumpsters & Box on the right – HSF Erotics
  • Girls Girls Girls sign – Seven Emporium
  • Skull, Cross and trick or treat bag – Kuro & Con – DIY Halloween (NEW @ K9)
  • Raven – DC

On me

The rambings

Once upon a time a pixel girl went dancing. She saw a pixel man while dancing and the man showed her a picture of him smoking a cigar. Long story short; The man gifted the girl a box of cigars. The end. Thank you again for your gift!!

Kuro & Con teamed up for a gacha called ‘DIY Halloween’ and they didn’t make pointy hats or brooms or pumkins but these fun, must have cardboard and paper items to decorate with. Don’t be scared now because it’s different!! Go gacha. It’s worth it!

Zibska is of course known for her great designs. The antlers I am wearing are no exception. 

Do I really have to say anything at all about L&B? If you don’t know them then you either don’t do leather or gothic but still you have to go check them out as there is more, much much more to be had there and the designs are stunning, well made and the textures.. well allow me to get a towel to wipe my drool away. Yes they are that good.

So pay homage to your idols or simply go shop until you drop.

Happy shopping!

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