My way or the highway

My way Highway

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Bus – AS Bus Crashed
  • Couch – [we’re CLOSED] broken sofa brown – adult (NEW available nov. 1st, for Mad Pea Blood Letters Hunt)
  • Candles – [we’re CLOSED] log candles dark (NEW for CSR)
  • Sign – 7mad;Ravens – My way/Highway Hanging sign (NEW for CSR)
  • Magazines – Dutchie
  • Wine – [Breno]

On him

The ramblings

The couch from [We’re Closed] made me squeal. And I don’t like to squeal. But it did. It is Dingo and Wendy’s latest creation and will be available for the Blood Letters Hunt, that will start november 1st. A few nights sleeping and then you go hunt your little hearts out, as there are many more hunt items to be had. 

Make sure you drop by Hazardous (landingpoint) or the store to buy a hud to go hunting come novmber 1st.

This couch came at the exact right time. I am re-building Square Pegs and the decor you see here is part of that. I was struggling to find just the right couch and well the rest is as they say, history. 

The sim is not yet open for the public but I hope to open soon. Very soon. Because frankly it has taken to long due to reallife being very mean. 

The jacket I showed you the other day, so all I will say is that it rocks. It has more options then I care to sum up here and comes at a variety of colors. 

The sign.. do I really need to tell you how often you will gonna see that? And there are more! Hop on over and see for yourselves what Poe made!

Again a short post since my hand, well yada yada. My hand.

Happy shopping!


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