Dial M

Dial M

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Chair – [We’re Closed] Dial M chair – NEW for MadPea Blood Letters Hunt
  • Build – POST: Floodwood Skybox (v2)

The ramblings

The MadPea Blood Letters Hunt is in full swing. Detectives, good and bad (coughs) are crawling over the grid looking for clues and fantastic prices.

All information you want you can find here. Be advised though that the hunt is rated Adult. Just for those prim proper folk out there. If there are any left.. which I doubt but hey, don’t say I didn’t tell you.

Yours truly sucks at hunts and I am very happy having a friend who will draw up simple pictures in bright colours with big lettered small words and help me. It will probably involve forced tp’s (I manage to miss tp’s as well) and getting stuck into walls. But hunt fever has me in it’s claws.Truly, I suck at hunts.

Either way, [We’re ClOSED] has two amazing new items up for grabs so make sure you hop over to the store, buy a HUD and hunt your wee hearts out.

Happy hunting!

ps; Yes I am a huge fan of Hitchcock & Lauren Bacall. Can you tell?

pps: Victory!

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