The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – POST: Floodwood Skybox
  • Jukebox – 7 – Mini Music II Jukebox (NEW for FLF)

On him & her

  • Ink – Reckless – Sovereign (NEW @ TMD november/14)
  • Pose – oOo –  Betwixt – (NEW @ TMD november/14)

The ramblings

FLF and another beautiful release from Seven Emporium. This is truly a steal for 50 lindens only and even though I am biased as hell, it simply is a bargain. Agustkov once more went all out on textures and details but what else is new? 

Jukebox 2

I couldn’t resist showing you the top as well and as you can see the detail is stunning. Seriously hop on over and check it out. 

As for the ink from Reckless, that is as always simply good and detailed and it is well known I love ink. This is no exception. 

What is there to say about the skybox from POST? Well not much other then that is a Second Life Classic I guess. I think it is one of the most used skyboxes for pictures and yours truly recently (hey, I am slow at times) jumped on the Floodwood train. 

I will make this short and sweet because you have shopping to do!

Happy shopping!

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