The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – Scarlet Creative Lavender Brown House (NEW @ C88 november 2014)
  • Sofa – junk. hester’s attic couch. dark. (NEW @ C88 november 2014)
  • Lamp – junk. arch lamp. tall.  (NEW @ C88 november 2014)
  • Flowers – [ keke ] berries – white (NEW @ K9 november 2014)

The ramblings

Scarlet Creative’s new house is simply stunning. It comes with a low prim version, which I think was a good choice as the original one is rather primmy. BUT… the house is absolutely stunning and more then worth the prims. However if you have juggle prims then you have the choice of a low prim version.

The layout, the textures, the look and feel it is bang on. Some walls have this distressed plaster, like you see in old houses and which is for those interested, a nightmare to try to achieve when you make textures. And to achieve that ‘look’ in reallife, I personally recommend just letting time do it’s magic. 

Either way the house is stunning. But I think I mentioned that already. You have a little time left to grab it at C88 for a bargain price. Just a wee tip.

You will find  the lamp and couch from Junk as well at C88.

Last but certainly not least Kean Kelly –  [Keke] – released these beautiful branches. The flowers and glass work from her are simply stunning and this is no exceptions. Run over to K9 to grab them. 

Enough blabla.

Happy shopping.


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