A visit

A visit

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – Oyasumi – Japanese gacha house (RARE)
  • Chairs – Soy. Lounge chair [natural leather]
  • Bed – [Con.] Jack’s Bugout Shelter – Bed
  • Side table – {anc} traytable.black .box

The ramblings

Yesterday I had the great pleasure to spent some time with a friend and show him what I have been doing ‘hiding’ on my sim. Well I am busy building, dragging out new (the shack) and a bit older treasures and decorating them. The new additions to the sim are there and the first decorating has begun and it was high time to sit down, relax an simply enjoy great company.

But you know what happens when two picture maniacs meet? Pictures of course. Thank you kindly mr. S for your patience, your advice and for you. It was a good visit.

As for the build from Oyasumi, I think it’s grand. Same goes for the chairs from Soy, who has, just a fyi, a lot of new releases going at several events and of course you should maybe check out the mainstore. Which is a treat on it’s own. 

As for the bed from Con., which is only partly visible but I wanted to point it out.

No brand new items this time, but stuff I love and adore and wanted to show you. 

Happy shopping.

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