Mirror mirror on the wall…

Mirror mirror on the wall

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – Scarlet Creative Lavender Brown House Prefab (Release for C88 nov. 2014 so if you don’t have it yet, RUN or find it at the store soon)
  • Vanity – :CP: Bureau de Brioude (NEW @ Uber december 2014)
  • Stool – :CP: Bureau de Brioude Stool  (NEW @ Uber december 2014)
  • Vase – CP: Bureau de Brioude Hanging Heart Planter (NEW @ Uber december 2014)
  • Magazines – Kalopsia – Magazine Pile (Winter Edition) (NEW @ Uber december 2014)

On me

  • Ink – .Reckless.- After Dark (NEW @ Uber december 2014)
  • Pose – Diesel Works – Zahra 10 (NEW @ Uber december 2014)
  • Hair – *Dura-Boy*32(Black)

The ramblings

Reckless has released this new tattoo for this months round of Uber. I don’t think I have to say to much, as well.. it’s Reckless and it’s just good.

Showing off tattoo’s without showing ‘to much’ is not always easy and I do like the challenge of trying to make it so that the tattoo get’s shown off and I show nothing. I am shy ya know?

So I used the good old mirror trick using Cheeky Pea’s vanity. Or as it is official called ‘Bureau de Brioude’. Magazines as clutter you can NEVER have enough and Kalopsia released a lot of them.

The house I have drooled over so much that I need a cleaning crew in here.

Since Ms. Cao mumbled something about a bare ass I dedicate this post to her. I have no clue what it’s about but this one is for you!

My hand is still bothering so the ramblings are short and sweet and after all you don’t want to hang around reading, you should be shopping!

Happy shopping!

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