Peace, flowers and wild nights


Peace flowers and wild nights

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Bed – =EliBaily= Recycled Planks Bed = Union Jack (NEW @ TMD december 2014)
  • Ashtray, pack of cigarettes & lighter – [ kunst ] – Ashtray v3 set / Full pack
  • Wine bottle and glass – [Breno] Wine bottle (RED) & Wine Glass (Empty)

On me

  • Hair and flowers – .Olive. – the Jayme Hair & Flower Field Crown – pastel multi (NEW @ Uber december 2014)
  • Ink – Reckless – Ink King (NEW @ TMD december 2014)
  • Eye make up – :Little Pricks: Chemicals Collide Face Tattoo/Eye Combo
  • Socks – Mikunch     Knee & low socks
  • Shoes – !APHORISM! ‘Worn’ Lace Up Boots -Black (NEW @ TMD december 2014)
  • Pose – Del May – Resigned

The ramblings

Ink king again, yes I know but I simply love the new release from Reckless. I like full body tattoo’s specially when the head is covered as well so I can wear short hairs and show the ink off. Obviously, good blogger as I am, that’s not what I am doing in this picture! But if you are curious look here.

Back to the picture now and back to hair. Don’t you love them flowers? I do. I love ‘m and I love the hair as well. You will have the agony of choice and I choose, on a whim, for red. Don’t ask why. I just did.

When I saw the bed from EliBaily I loved it on first sight. I adore this bed. It is available as a gacha (new this december round of TMD) so I hope you get the one you love best or maybe all. I just love pallet beds in general and the textures on this release are no exception from their former releases. They are to drool over! They hold up under the most harsh lights SL has to offer as does the mesh.

Ok I am truly rambling now so I’ll shut up about the bed but did I mention how much I love it? For those who like to know what other beds there are, take a look here, or just hop over to TMD.

My new boots from !APHORISM!  are something else I can’t stop looking at. This may sound nuts but I actually do that.. stare at pretty stuff. These boots are also available at TMD for both male and female! 

Last but not least the booze and smokes. As you know I love my ashtrays and bottles of wine and as for the wine well that is a simple choice for me, Breno. Always and everywhere still. 

The ashtray and pack of smokes and lighter are from [ kunst ]. The ashtray has several options; clean,dirty and filled with stubs. There are various colors to choose from so hop on over and check out the vendor to grab the ones you like. 

Ok enough blabla. My hand hurts but I got excited. So go forth and shop!

Happy shopping!

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