Winter fun with Friends

Winter fun with friends

The ramblings

No shopping list? Don’t panic but for once I have turned the rambling and shopping part around because this post is about The 2014 Second Life Christmas Expo & Winter Breedables Fair. A Relay for Life event. Meaning that all participants have created new items of which the proceeds go to Relay for Life. 

Of course you don’t have to buy stuff. You can find one of the many RfL donation boots and donate. 10 linden, 100 linden it doesn’t matter how much, as long as you donate. 

Now you might ask reading this if I have gone all charity? Well no, but let’s face it amidst all the events that are going on, this one needs a little extra attention. At least that’s what I think. All information about the event, as well as a full store list and maps and whatever you might need you can find here.

The snowman & iceskates are from [DDD] – Dysfunctional Designs, one of the sponsors of the Expo. They have much more out there so hop on over, take a look and don’t forget to grab your skates! Your taxi.

There are numerous events going on during the day so even if shopping is not your thing you might want to check it out. Just grab the LM above or from the main blog.

As promised the Shopping list:

  • Woods – Enchanted Woods V2 – Studio Skye
  • Snowman – [DDD] Snowman – Oops (NEW @ Christmas Expo)
  • Chair – 8f8 – 07_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Grandpa’s Knit Chair (NEW info here)
  • Picnic basket – {vespertine-picnic basket }

On Owl

  • Hat 1 – 8f8_OWL Hat_FOREST_RARE
  • Hat 2 – Remarkable Oblivion Festivat – Blinking Blitzen Rare (Owl is Owl and wears TWO hats)

On Jordy

  • Coat – BlankLine DuffleCoat_Gray_F_XS (NEW @ TMD December 2014)
  • Hat – 8f8_OWL Hat_FOREST_RARE
  • Skates – [DDD] Ice Skate Pack – Reds (NEW @ Christmas Expo)
  • Pose – Del May – Leg lag (chair)

On me

  • Body warmer & shirt – Mikunch/Girls down vest(black) (NEW @ TMD December 2014)
  • Hair – (r)M Hair No.19’14 ( R e d s )
  • Pants – RONSEM* Straight Jeans / jetblack
  • Pose – Del May – Pit stop

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