The Foundry, a shiny shabby affair

The Foundry a Shabby Chic Affair

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – Scarlet Creative Foundry (NEW @ Shiny Shabby)
  • Chair – Scarlet Creative Antler Chair Cotton (NEW @ Shiny Shabby)

On me

  • Hair – Dura – *Dura-Boy*40(Black)
  • Ink  – *Bolson / Tattoo – Dante

The ramblings

The Foundry is one of the youngest creations of Scarlet Creative and I simply love it.

The house is big, the details are stunning and the textures are stunning. I know I say this all the time but it’s simply the truth. Lickable textures! 

There is much more in this release then I am showing you in this picture so hop on over and see for yourself. 

The Foundry is available at Shiny Shabby. A small event hosted by Neva Crystall that has a few of the best designers on the grid.

Happy shopping!


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