Just hold me

just hold me

The shopping list and ramblings

Trees – [we’re CLOSED] tree  bare

On me

  • Hair – ~Tableau Vivant~ JMJ hair – Redheads (NEW @ TMD december 2014)
  • Shirt – Wonton: Audran Wool Jumper / Blak (NEW @ TMD december 2014)
  • Necklace – 7mad;Ravens Amped Up (wear me)

On ‘him’

  • Hair – *Dura-Boy*40(Black)
  • Coat – 7mad;RavensWinter Fleece Jacket/wShirt (NEW @ Frost – exclusive!)
  • Pose – oOo Warmth c/m/nt (NEW @ TMD december 2014)


The ramblings

No ramblings. Just grab these awesome goodies.

Happy shopping!


  1. bawahahaha erm no. Cao you dragged me single handed out of the system layer era.! And made me wear hair. And look at ducks in a strange way but thats another story ❤

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