Crossed Lady

Crossed Lady

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – Kings Speech Skybox by Rix Spyker (unavailable – sorry for being mean)
  • Desk – 4. AF Secretary Desk (Black)
  • Stool – xin. record chair
  • Letters – Plethora – Fan Mail Stack 4
  • Martini – [Breno] Martini
  • Chair – junk. & Kuro. tramell chair. birdie. (NEW @ Atelier Kreslo)

On me

  • Hair – (r)M Hair No.19’14 ( R e d s )
  • Outfit – [sYs] HARLEM jacket dress (fitted mesh) – grey + khaki /black (NEW @ FROST)
  • Boots – !APHORISM! Cavalry Boots – Onyx (NEW @ TLC)
  • Ink – *Bolson / Tattoo – Strigoi  (NEW @ FROST
  • Pose – Del May – Cowboy Up 1

The ramblings

First of all a huge big thanks to Rix for this amazing build. It is my understanding it will not be for sale but I was lucky enough to be able to get my greedy paws on a copy. You might wonder why I use it then in a blogpost? Because I use stuff I like and lately I have been using (parts of) my home to do pictures. Ok, with that out of the way; 

The desk from AF is just brilliant and I am in love with it, but what else is new? Do I have to explain about textures? Or how well it’s made? No need I think.

The same goes for the glass of martini that I adore just as much as my wine and yes, it is once more from Breno. 

The Tramell chair, the crossed lady as I have dubbed it,  is a collaboration between Kuro and Junk. The chair was made by Junk and the poses are from Kuro. My favorite being the ‘Guillotine’. It is really a great pose as are others for that matter. The design of the chair is awesome and it is available at Atelier Kreslo in various colors. Good blogger as I am, I used of course a different pose.

Reason for that is that I wanted to show off my boots! When I saw the picture on Flickr I knew I had to had them and as they say the rest is history. Mine are green (but again, good blogger as I am) you don’t really see that. However all colors are deep and rich and perfect for the season.

Last but not least my outfit, I saw it at FROST amongst the ink from Bolson I am wearing (yeah yeah good blogger and all that).

Well these crossed ladies have rambled on enough I think. Shopping awaits you! 

Happy shopping.  

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