At Carsons

At Carsons

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – DINER – URBAN JUNGLE v1.0
  • Sign – 7 – Good Food (NEW for FLF Dec. 19th)

On me

  • Hair – /Wasabi Pills/ Lara Mesh Hair Flaming Cherry (NEW @ Uber december 2014)
  • Glasses – * S O R G O – THALA Shades / DARK

The ramblings

Seems ‘our girl’ made it out of the trailer park and  found a booth at Carsons where she is quietly contemplating her next move. 

Another FLF, another sign from Seven Emporium and another story that goes with it. I have said it before, those signs almost never fail to conjure up a certain mood and it is another reason why I love them so so much.

As for my outfit, yes I am almost wearing the same as yesterday only now you can actually see the rest of the hair and of course my shades!!

Looking for urban, grungy builds? Go where I have found them. Seriously they simply rock!

It’s friday, FLF friday so you have shopping to do and I’ll leave you be and stop yapping.

Happy shopping!


  1. Happy holidays Cao to you and your loved ones ❤ *spam hugs and kisses*

    One day I'll find you in world and drag you off to ' my sl ' and then you will see how ' exciting' it is lol

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