Of beds, builds and boomboxes

Of beds, builds and boomboxes

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – Apple Fall: Portobello Corner Store (NEW @ TLC january)
  • Bed – Kuro – Cozy bed (Adult) – (NEW @ TLC january)
  • Boombox – 7 – RX9-1000 Boombox Keyboard (NEW for FLF)
  • Rug – [we’re CLOSED] fur carpet cream (NEWDOMUS FAIR)
  • Light – Soy. My DIY Lamp [wo/ lighting] (NEW @ TMD january)

On me

  • Pants – (XS-Size Girl) Jeans Cargo + Panties SPENCER – REDGRAVE – (NEW @ TMD january)
  • Shoes – [VALE KOER] APEX STOMPERS FLAX –  (NEW @ TMD january)
  • Pose – Del May – Tired sit

The ramblings

The buildings from AF, I have no clue where to begin how to praise them. They are simply epic. They are available at this round of TLC and that is where you will find the bed from Kuro as well. 

Since it is from Kuro it will come as no surprise that the animations are awesome and there are a lot in this bed! Of course available in both PG and Adult. 

Seven Emporium released this Boombox Keyboard for FLF so if you hurry you can grab it for 50 lindens only at the store. 

The light from Soy is something I could make in reallife. Bang a bulb on a plank and a cord and presto you have a standing lamp. I think it’s brilliant. It’s available at TMD.

[We’re Closed] released this fur rug for the Domus Fair and also lanterns but obviously they are not in this picture but I thought I mention them anyway.

The trousers from REDGRAVE are my new ‘shorts’ for the summer. Yes I love girlie shorts but I love these more!!! The textures are grand and well.. I just love ‘m! Available at TMD. Same goes for the shoes, you can grab those at the same event.

Reading back I realise I could have summed this post up with ; “Awesome, epic stuff, go shop”. Because that is what it is. So go sin and shop!

Happy shopping!

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