The shopping list and ramblings

On me

  • Hair – *Dura-Boy*57 (NEW @ TMD)
  • Glasses – .Reckless. – Fett Black (Cl) (NEW @ No.21)
  • Necklace – /h/ Hootington Silhouette Necklace (NEW @ The Hipster Fair 2015)
  • Ink – .Reckless. – Savant (NEW @ TMD)
  • Bracelets – .Enfant Terrible. Danis Bracelets Licorice (NEW @ TMD)
  • Cuff – /h/ Rider Cuffs Black

The ramblings

iBi did it again, but then what else is new. Every single release is so stunningly beautiful and it seems there is no end to his imagination. Perfectly made and textured and the DIY Spring sets are no exceptions. I am only showing (part of) the bed but there is so much more and the details are stunning. 

I couldn’t resist and set up a beach scene with the ‘drape house’ from [WE’RE CLOSED]. Builds like this I simply adore. You can do so many things with them or simply rezz them as they are beautiful on their own without any decoration. I choose to play a bit with it for this shoot.

TMD is about to start and the first goodies are there for you to grab. Dura has released this wonderful new hair. It has a small tail but good blogger as I am it’s not showing! Dura boy has since long been a favorite hair shop and this hair is no exception. 

The bracelets I am wearing are also available at TMD and they are from Enfant Terrible. The set is bigger, I am only wearing 3. Wonderfully made and a lot of combo’s are possible. 

Landon Mode surprised me with these glasses. Lately I have been on a ‘I have to wear glasses’ streak. I love these. Same goes for the ink but I don’t think I have to tell you how much I adore ink. So hop over to the various events to grab these goodies.

The necklace from Heathenesque is awesome. There are a few to choose from at the Hipster Fair. The cuff I am wearing is available at the mainstore.

Ok enough blabla and rambling. Go sin.

Happy shopping!

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