Fresh Junk

Fresh Junk

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – Scarlet Creative Hudson TownHouse Prefab 1.1 (NEW @ C88)
  • Radiator – .junk – old radiator (NEW @ C88)
  • Wine bottle – [ kunst ] – Malbec bottles set
  • Tub – Kuro – Metal bathtub white – (NEW @ ROMP)
  • Pipe – Dutchie rusty pipe

On me

  • Hair – *Dura-Boy*57 (NEW @ TMD)

The ramblings

The title of this post is a bit dual. Junk has released an awesome set at C88 in a collaboration with AF. The radiator I am showing is a part of that. The set has more obviously and you can check out everything here on Tab Tatham’s Flickr page. Even better of course is that you make your way over to C88 to see the goodies for real. 

Now back to the radiator. It is awesome. The texturing is grand and it has just the right kind of ‘well usedness’ to it. Of course it is very well made mesh wise and as we all know all that comes rolling out of Junk’s store is very much not junk. 

Ok maybe I should not have emptied that bottle of wine and then I would have made a bit more sense, but hey I am having fun here. The bottle is from [ kunst ]. There is much, much more then the one bottle trust me and if you are looking for well made bottles to stock up your decors, then hop over there.

As for the tub that is Kuro’s release for this round of ROMP. The theme is Fresh. Romp is an event that caters to the more kinky side of things. ‘We’ were lucky. What do you mean ‘we’? Well as members of Elysion, a breathtaking sim that also caters to the more grown up side of things, we got in early and were able to explore the event lag free. Which is a nice change if you want to be amongst the first that visit events. And yours truly is rather impatient so often tries to get in asap. 

Now where was I? Kuro, bathtub. Coming from Kuro you can rest assure that the poses are flawless and more then enough to satisfy any RP needs you have. Be it romantic cuddles, soaking solo or the more heavier work. 

Barely visible in this picture and used as a mere prop here is Dutchie’s rusty pipe. For those not familair with it and wondering why I am pointing it out, well hop on over to Dutchie and try it out. It is not only a decor prop although I love using it like that, but it is a formidable and different RP device packed with poses that will serve you well.


Last but not least the latest release from Scarlet Creative. It is available as well at C88 and as per usually this build is not only well made but the textures are grand and the lay out and design are awesome. Ok enough droning from me. Go and sin.

Happy shopping. 


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