Donuts anyone?

donuts anyone?

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Builds – URBAN JUNGLE
  • Sign – 7 – Donuts (NEW for the neighbourhood)
  • Birds – Dutchie sparrows sound emitter V2 with sensor

On me

The ramblings

When I logged on this morning I found 2 major surprises and I knew exactly what to do with them! For a change that is.

First of, the sign from Seven Emporium. Agustov has released for this weeks round of the neighbourhood, meaning you can grab it for 200 lindens at the store. So run! Grab it. As it’s great. But then what else is new. The textures are epic, the design is epic. So.. well epic.

The second surprise were the boots from !APHORISM!. It is a group gift but wow what a gift. The jeans, for guys (and trust me they fit me too as I already tried) and the boots are splattered with paint, thoroughly roughened up and I am in love with them!! Thank you for this grand, big huge epic gift!!! And yo! You all there, if you do run out and get it make sure you check out the rest of the goodies there and buy them! Just sayin’.

Ok, last night was a late one, the afternoon is wearing on, time for a nap and you need to go and shop! Go sin.

Happy shopping.

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