A rose..

A rose

The shopping list and ramblings

On me

  • Hair – “”D!va”” Hair “Emilie”(Fatpack) (NEW @Shiny Shabby)
  • Boots – JD – Penny – White
  • Make up & eyes – Clemmm
  • Pose – Del May – Weary listener

The ramblings

SL has many many talented designers as we all know. And it is absolutely impossible for me to name them all or do them all justice. This picture alone I have used things from a bunch of different designers who all in their own right are magnificent. However there are two that are at the top of my all time favorite list. So here’s to those ‘two’.

{Anc} has made this incredible ‘rose’, amongst many many other beautiful, breathtaking creations. Every release from {Anc} I am in awe and hurry to get my greedy hands on it. Then I rezz it, fiddle around with it and quickly store it again in my inventory promising myself that this time I will make a picture with it. Not because it is expected, but because I want to.

The designs are so breathtakingly beautiful and so original and so well made that it would take me hours to explain it in detail. Please click the links and go see for yourself. You will no be disappointed.

The other designer that I adore and borderline worship is iBi. His designs are yet another example of endless creativity and originality. Be it an ice cream bonanza, little birds, silly hats or houses and decor, you name it, he can do it and does it.

So this blogpost is about those two designers. I have only used a few items, chosen to fit my mood when I made this picture and maybe that is hitting the nail on the head. Those specific designers never ever fail to create a mood, an ambiance, a vibe. So there. 

You have to make up your own mind, as there are many talented designers out there but I would say, hop on the landmarks, investigate a bit and be dazzled by these two. Oh and don’t forget to sin!

Happy shopping.

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