The shopping list and ramblings (pull up a chair and take the load off)

  • Grave – .:revival:. dirt grave – ADULT (NEW @ Consensual) (from March 13th)
  • Bench – .:revival:. stone bench – ADULT  (NEW @ Consensual) (from March 13th)
  • Candles – .:revival:. candles 1 + 2 (NEW @ Consensual) (from March 13th)
  • Wine bottle – Breno

On me

  • Hair – /Wasabi Pills/ Abby Mesh Hair – Iceberg – (NEW @ Uber)
  • Dress – antielle. Pinacotheca Dress – Awakening the Moon
  • Pose – Del May – Cutie

The ramblings

And now ladies and gentlemen for something completely different. Consensual is starting in just a few days (march 13th) and one of the designers participating is Revival. 

And bloody hell it is a revival. A revival of creativity, thinking outside the box, taking a new look at adult furniture. The goths under you will probably drool seeing this release as well as those craving something new. 

Oh what did you say there? Something new? How odd. Indeed.

As I have stated a good while back I never was one to ignore the proverbial elephant in the room but instead I like to kick his butt. Bear (bare) with me whilst I grab a ladder so I can.

For a good while now I have been amazed with the (almost) never failing creativity of SL designers. It is no small feat to release something every month, let alone release 3 or even 4 full sets a month. Because that is what most designers that tour the event circuit are facing. And then not just one item, no preferably a full set. 

It is no wonder that the chairs, beds, couches and other decorating items are tumbling over each other in a wide variety of shapes, textures and functionality. And I am amongst those that not only flog that stuff, but chase after it like the little addict I am. 

But… what a relief it is and how much fun it is to find something amongst that giant mountain of releases that is so out there, that I wonder if we will see the designer be tarred and feathered and chased out of town or if he will become the next hero.

For me it’s the latter. So let’s get to the item ok? It’s a grave. Big whoop you might say there are enough of those in SL. Well… allow me to explain.

This is a grave with poses. And no it’s not showing you off as a pretty perished avatar, it has single, couple and adult poses that leave no doubt that this grave is not only a stunning decor item but a romantic -, sexual role play item that is (far as yours truly knows!!) unprecedented. 

So there. Thinking out of the box, a ‘Revival’ of the true spirit of SL where originality and panache should be the rule, not the exception. Go sin. (no pun intended).

Happy shopping!

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