About safety and polka dots

polka dots and safety

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build 1 – uK-SRS Shanty Repair Shop RARE (NEW @ LotI gacha)
  • Build 2 – 7mad;Ravens Old Town Drugstore RARE (NEW @ LotI gacha)
  • Barrels – uK-SRS Barrel Mess 1, Barrel 3, Barrel 1 (NEW @ LotI gacha)
  • Sign – 7 – Safety Days Sign (NEW for FLF)

On me

The ramblings

Go, run, it’s Fifty Linden Friday and Seven Emporium has two epic releases out!! Textures epic? Check. Design epic?? Check. Originality??? Check. So run!

7mad;Ravens has released this epic set for the Luck of the Irish Gacha event. It is to much to sum it up here so please take a look at the full set here on Poe’s Flickr page.Unkindness (Jamie Cross’ new brand) has also released a just as epic set for the same event. You can see it in all it’s glory here on Jamie’s Flickr page.

You might ask why I am telling you all this since the builds are barely visible in this shot? Well that is why! Lousy blogger that I am, I always talk about shit that is barely or not at all in the picture I am rambling about. Let’s just call it a habbit ok?

Seriously though, the builds are amazing and yes you should gacha your little heart out to get all the stuff. Just do it ok? If any pair of designers have a knack for being different it’s them and again they went off the beaten path and did something completely new. 

It has been a horrible long week and for now I am truly done rambling. You go and sin while I go sit and exhale. 

Happy shopping.

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