Oh Happy Day

Oh happy day

The shopping list and ramblings

On me

  • Hair – TRUTH HAIR Nathalia –  black & whites
  • Dress – Zibska ~ Dilia [no transfer] (NEW @ The Instruments)
  • Boots – !APHORISM! Glastonbury Boots – Black – (NEW @ Shiny Shabby)
  • Headphones – RO – (NEW @ Fameshed)
  • Pose – Del May – Soar (Modded)


  • Floor – Kalopsia – Broken Floor Tiles
  • Bubbles – {anc} bubbles . field 1prim /MC
  • Arch – MAW_rock_7

The ramblings

Where to begin? I have no clue? The Instruments opened today and I hurried over to grab the Zibska’s dress. I just had have it ever since I saw it and well I got it! It’s awesome.

Hair from Truth. Seriously do I need to explain? What I like about Truth is that there are whites! I am in a white, very very light blonde mode for a while now and well this hair, as well as many others just fit right in that mood. Another thing I like is that Truth makes really long hair. 

Rwah raving on about long hair? You bet. I run around with a shaven head most of the time or a DIY haircut that is just crazy so when I do the ‘long’ hair thing, I want it to count!

Boots. Boots more boots please!!! I do like high heels. I do. But I simply love love love boots. And again Rucy Byron from Aphorism came through. I have been a fan of his creations for a long time and these boots, available at Shiny Shabby are no exception.

My beloved crazy floor from Kalopsia. I told you before how nice and forthcoming the creator is and well as you can see, that still sticks! Btw, run over to Fameshed to grab the lovely stone cottage Kalopsia released for this round! I did. But then again I am greedy.

Last but not least.. Bubbles. I littered my whole place with them, just for the sheer joy of seeing them. And it is a joy. Each set of bubbles only is one prim and there is indeed NO lag!! But bubbles bubbles and more bubbles. They are simply beautiful and make me smile. And trust me I can use a few smiles.

{Anc} also has rain. You know for that dreary day when you need rain or for that romantic picture walking in the rain with the one you love and all that. 

You got a few suggestions now for some shopping, so hop on the buses waiting for you and shop your wee hearts out. Don’t forget to listen to the tunes! 

Happy shopping!


  1. Geeee, Rwah, dear heart!! This is a wondrous write-up! I must go see the Kalopsia stone cottage, AND must buy everything you blogged. Think I can get into FaMeshed on a Saturday right after it opens for the anniversary? rofl Mwwwah!!! xoxo

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