That’s how I got to Memphis

Thats how I got to Memphis The shopping list and Ramblings

On me

The ramblings 7mad;Ravens has released a few new things for the DarkStyle Fair 2. The pants I am wearing amongst them. Yes they are male. Live with it. I love ‘m! For female shapes some tweaking is needed (saddlebags and buttocks) but it so worth it. 

As for the rest of the goodies, well the hair as you can see, I haven’t taken it off yet even though it is now covered with the kick ass hat from RO. Also at the DSF. 

Signs. Only one place to go in SL for them. Seven Emporium. That is if you want original design, ideas and textures. I spoke about it many times and I will keep on droning on about it. Only one place to go.

So signs. Do you ever consider how much they influence our life? Be it that we are aware of it or not. In traffic we encounter them and respond without thinking usually as they are simply a part of our lives and we respond automaticly them. Same goes for commercial signs. 

I like signs, visible and invisible ones. 😉 Go shop. Enjoy, explore and have fun.

Happy shopping!

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