The wait

The wait The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – MESHWORX~Laguna Beach House v1 (Mod/Copy) (NEW @ Fameshed)
  • Vent – *bbqq*-Ventilation pipe-v1
  • Pants – [monso] My Slim Jean – Red (girls) (NEW @ TMD)
  • Pose – Del May 

The ramblings As I stated in my last post, this month it’s a builders bonanza. Meshworx released this magnificent house for Fameshed and I love it.

It is airy, light, roomy, very very roomy and I am having a blast decorating it.  Textures, design, it is all there but that is to be expected from this designer. 

The pants from Monso are great. They are available for both male and female at this round of TMD and come in a variety of colors. You have the agony of choice. 

I have caved and bought the Maitreya mesh body, which I am wearing in this picture. And yes ‘you know who you are’ you were right, it is a breeze to adjust layers and it simply looks stunning. There is only one thing I do not like so much and that is the hands. I am a hands person and well I do hope that one day we will see different options (poses) for hands with this body. I know I can use the Slink hands, which are epic but I feel that having a mesh body should not involve fiddling around with extra mesh attachments. But that is my personal opinion. 

Overall though I am sold. For me right now the Maitreya body is ‘the’ one and on a strange level, not liking one part that much makes it even more realistic. Because let’s face it, perfection is utterly boring.

A very short and to the point post and I am sorry for that but I am not feeling up to par. Either way you have your shopping suggestions and I would really suggest you go and check out the wonderful house. It’s worth it. 

Happy shopping.


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