Getting my ass kicked

getting my ass kicked The shopping list and ramblings

On me

  • Necklace & Ring – !APHORISM! Bijou Collection (NEW @ Shiny Shabby, open May 20th)
  • Pose – Del May

The ramblings

The wonderful jewellery set from !APHORISM! is just awesome. I hear you sigh, here she goes again about design and textures. Since it’s Monday I’ll let you go with just saying that this set is smack bang on target in all ways. And that includes textures, design, the whole enchilada. 

I am a sucker for silver with turquoise. For the longest time I had a ring pretty much like this one in life 1.0 but it was stolen and I miss it daily. 

There are several choices to be had and best go check it out when Shiny Shabby opens in 2 days. 

The house is release from Scarlet Creative and as I mentioned before, it seems that builders this month decided to pelt me with houses that I simply love. This build has a feature that I absolute adore, well actually two. It has stained glass windows and is one big huge open space with a vide. I simply love open plan living. 

The bed, barely visible but I want to mention it never the less. It is from BAZAR and is simply great. It comes packed with poses and a texture changer and it simply rocks. Beside this great bed they have released a ton of stuff to decorate your space with stunning stuff. Low prim, very well made and seriously the price is insane. Low that is.

It is good to see that at least some designers, BAZAR amongst them, keep making grand quality goodies for affordable prices. 

On a completely different note I want to say something about a wonderful friend I have. I use that term not lightly and certainly not in this case. This particular friend has endured my utter noobiness when I first started exploring the grid and did nothing but be nice, welcoming and friendly. 

Lately she has been kicking my ass about my pictures because she knows I can do better then I sometimes do. She is one of very very few that have the guts to say it when she thinks a picture could be better. So thank you, you awesome, strong, stubborn woman for being my friend!

And sure enough… when I showed her the final crop, this was her response

” it’s just perfect for the first try”

And started me pushing further. You are a gem. Thank you!

Ok enough blabla, you have shopping to do and some waiting to do till Shiny Shabby opens.

Happy shopping!


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