I love you

I love you

The shopping list and ramblings

The ramblings

Well I bet you are exhausted after such a shopping list but bare with me while I whisper a few things in your ears.

So PAL Computers from Seven Emporium. It comes from that store so you will have original textures and design as always. I won’t ramble on about the excellence. Not today. 

Being a blogger is not always easy. Hell there are days that I want to quit. That I simply don’t have inspiration to work with the product(s) sent my way. But it nags. It nags because getting free stuff and not using it doesn’t sit right with me. Specially not when you blog for a designer that is not really touring the event circuit. 

So maybe it is time in general to review blogging as a whole. Why do I blog? Why do you blog? What is your reason? Feel free to ramble in the box below and let me know. 

For those not wanting to ramble, go shop!

Happy shopping.

One comment

  1. We had this discussion not too long ago. I blog for the same reason you blog – for those moments when inspiration strikes and we discover a way to share what we do: take pretty pictures, allow the world to see a tiny particle of who we are through what we paint on the canvas. The difference being, the canvas is our blog.

    ❤ sis…my best friend and my inspiration xoxo

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