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It's all about us The shopping list

  • Build – [PM]Pixel Mode  – Dorthy’s Shed – without shadow casting (NEW @ Shiny Shabby)
  • Bed – [Con.] Jack’s Bugout Shelter – Bed
  • Its all about us – Seven Emporium
  • Dress form – AF
  • Hanging rags – Apt B // Old & Rusted – Hanging Rags (NEW @ Shiny Shabby)

The ramblings

Len Douglas in my opinion is amongst the best SL has to offer in terms of photography.

He also is a very ‘funny’ guy who, ‘challenged’ me to make the above picture. Based on his idea of fixing his tie, he challenged me to make a picture to fix my bra. The above is my answer. 

Now there are a few things I want to get of my chest. (no pun indented). So grab a chair and enjoy the ride. Or slowly back away and go shopping because you are getting Rwah raw.

I see people on blogging lists who are no bloggers. I see people on lists that make pictures that make me cringe because they are resized badly. I see people that  don’t even take the freaking time to write up a list with what they are showing let alone tell you about what they are showing. Hell I see people who don’t even HAVE a blog. Which in my simple brain is a must if you are a ‘blogger’. Those people simply know the right people and for some reason event-organisers and creators deem them worthy and think they should be called bloggers. Well that is a choice and the full right of the creators.

However it is my full right to step away from that. I do not want to belong in the brown nosing, crawl-as-far-as-you-can-up-a-designers-ass-people brigade to get free stuff. Cus well I suck at sucking up. 

Where does that leave me and all the others who do take oodles of time to make little pieces of art with each picture they take and do take the time to inform us all about the products? For me, spending time, a lot of time on a picture and trying to make it the best I can, investing Lindens in additional props or outfits, it is a thing that I do. And I know others do that as well. Seeing how those so called ‘bloggers’ take the piss by not caring about quality but only quantity makes me feel like I am an idiot for spending so much of my time on it.

It seems that quality has lost it’s lure. And that the only thing that counts any more is using the ‘right’  stuff at the ‘ right’  time and getting the ‘right’ people to like your picture and join that big circle of people that are simply doing nothing more then kissing each others asses.

I am beyond giving a blue flying f*ck. I will keep making pictures because I simply like making them. I will keep visiting events because let’s face it, main stores for most creators have become redundant and you can only find old stock there. But for me the pride and honor of being a blogger is gone. It is squandered away because blogging in SL has become cut throat business. 

I see how some people try, almost desperately, to get every one who has a fan base of some sort, be it a photographer or designer, in their circles only to leech of them and cast them aside again once they find better and grander pastures to graze bare. And I do not want to be associated with those people. Not in a million years. I had the ‘pleasure’  of meeting some of them and I ran for the hills and now I am running even further away. 

For those who feel the dire need to discuss this, feel free. In fact I would welcome it. There is however one wee rule. Do it either here or on Flickr, aka in public. Because that is another thing, this freaking hush hush. It’s annoying. Speak up or shut up.

Have a nice weekend.


  1. Well said and expressed – major reason why I keep 2 steps back away from the cliques, maddening crowd and blog, rant, express as I feel – even if it’s sappy, high strung – art is about exploring, seeing and understand myself within and without.

    I hate posting on Flickr – sometimes I do, many times I don’t – I hate the fave culture and keep my list short. I do however love making positive comment if an image so inspires me.

    Yes it’s costly but for me it’s cheaper than my daily Starbucks latte XD.

    I love you in the raw – your artistic integrity shines and love you for not censoring your thoughts!

  2. See, sis? You answered the question you posed in you last post. Because you love to create art. Not just in photographs, but by creating a space where you can express your opinion.

    You know (because we have discussed it) that there are a couple of events that I would give my first born to blog for. (That’s safe for me to say, since I have no children, btw). But you know, I’ve thought about this more the last couple of weeks, and I have taken into account my experiences with the few events I have blogged for.

    The first event I gave up because I no longer had the time to invest in creating the required number of posts. The organiser asked me a couple of times to come back, but I just wasn’t able to commit the time needed. Recently, I decided, when they announced they were opening applications again, I could make the time and reapplied. I wasn’t accepted. Although I was once sought-after, I guess I no longer make the grade.

    Another event I was blogging for went on hiatus. I stayed in the group and when the event started up again, although they didn’t mention that current bloggers needed to reapply, I did, because I liked the event. Imagine my surprise when I was removed from the group without so much as a “Thanks for blogging for us, but we are going with a fresh start and you weren’t selected.” Just booted from the group. I have to tell you, I was very upset. Not by the fact that I wasn’t selected, but by the fact the organisers didn’t have the courtesy to let me (and any other bloggers so affected) know with even a group noticed, let alone a personal note card or IM. Just summarily dismissed. That hurt me – I showed loyalty to them while the event was running and even used a coveted group space to remain in their circle while they decided what to do. I won’t be shopping at that event again. Ever. I don’t look to see what is available at the event and I won’t be tempted by other photos of products from that event. Loyalty and courtesy are important to me, but it goes both ways.

    I blog for one other event and a few favourite designers now. Everything else I blog is something I have chosen, lovingly, to blog. I don’t apply to blog for every designer or event out there – only those that suit my style and I feel I can showcase well. If my photos don’t meet my own criteria, I don’t blog them (case in point: I threw away every photo I took last weekend and am starting from scratch).

    I don’t play the Flickr game and I don’t do politics or drama. I don’t ask for review copies and I rarely even let a designer know if I have used their products, except by tagging. I choose to be loyal to those creators who have given me their trust and will continue to blog for them as long as they are happy to have me show their designs, or as long as I feel I can be more of a benefit to them than a hindrance. There is still that ONE event that I would sacrifice a virgin goat to blog for, but for me, I will be happy to blog at my own pace, only when I am sure I am doing justice to their creations (gifted or purchased) and most importantly….myself.

    I love your photo, by the way, have accepted your challenge to fix my shoe, and all that is left is to find my victim…erm…successor to fix something else 😉

    • ❤ Sis. I know we are on the same page and I know you will NEVER suck up. You are way more eloquent then I am and have ways of people letting know what you feel without needing a book or to become explicit. As you know it is one thing I so so admire you for and when I grow up I want to learn how to do that lol.

      As things are I have no clue what SL will be for me. All I can say now is that those who work so so hard to make beautiful pictures (including those who do not have powerful pc's but still work the windlights etc and compo etc, etc) will always have my respect. The ones sucking up to those who staked their claim in SL, be it a huge big claim or a tiny one doesn’t matter, they earned it by hard work and investing time, time and more time to learn and find out, will eventually figure out that SL is no different then reallife.

      If people work hard, take their shit serious and on top of that try to be somewhat decent folks, it will eventually stick. Those who have false motives, are bored and think sucking up and sponging off others is the way to go will find out how many doors bang shut. Preferably hitting them so fucking hard in the ass they fly not only off the grid but a bit further.

      The one day flies of 'oh look I am blogger, photographer' can have their moments in the sun. Free world. And since it is a free world the wee red 'x' in the upper right corner is for now my best friend. Alongside with the mute button. I welcome each and everyone making pictures, art and whatever it is they want to do. But do NOT do NOT use others or have false motives cus .. ugh.

      Hrmpf It is sunday and I ll shut up now. I’ll be back monday hahaha

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