tunes The shopping list and ramblings

  • Shirt – {COLD-ASH} Mens MESH WOODLAKE Shirt (Original) – (NEW @ Uber)

The ramblings

Many times when I do a picture I am inspired by a single item. This time it was no different as I saw the blouse, that is very very much meant for guys. But as you all know I don’t care. I love the blouse. It is a male shaped one so if you go out and get it, do try a demo or be prepared to tweak your boobies.

Often when I have done the shooting in world I go and listen to some tunes somewhere on the grid. After parking my pixels and making them wiggle, I bury myself in Photoshop and my blog while listening to the tunes.

I have a few favorite DJ’s amongst the many many talented people who treat us to incredible mixes and music. Today I want to talk about one of those; Desterac Laval is in fact the first DJ I ever heard when I started out in SL. 

Desterac has a pretty steady schedule. On Friday nights for example you can catch him spinning a few tunes on his home sim. Desterac who is an ‘in the closet decorator’, just a FYI, does not have a standard club- like thing going on. When you arrive you see this shed/barn like affair and before you know it, you are standing on the dance floor being treated to anything from soulful house to trance. It very much depends on the mood and vibe of the day.

Since it is on a privately owned sim, the vibe is vastly different then from any club or venue in SL. Pretty  much anything goes and does go at times but one thing rules. The tunage. So if you are interested, hop on over one Friday. 

Like I said, there are many many more very talented DJ’s and overtime I will tell a bit more about the DJ’s I like. Now if you are going this coming Friday and wonder why yours truly is not around, well I am on the road again for a while so my presence in SL and on this blog will be a bit haphazard but I will try to stay in touch.

Happy shopping and dancing!

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