NYC sewer

NYC sewer

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Manhole – 7 – Manhole Hideout (NEW)
  • Bike – [sau]Kuazi[lite][TMD][Matt Black] (NEW @ TMD)
  • Pose – Del May

The ramblings

You heard about FLF (fifty linden friday) right? Well… Good blogger as I am, I am now, finally, showing you Seven Emporiums release for LAST FLF. You still with me?

Seven Emporium released this epicly textured ‘Manhole Hideout’  for last week’s FLF. It is not only another awesome decor item that can grace your streets or walls as a piece of unique art, but it also comes with a fun pose. If you ‘ sit’  on it you will find yourself crouching down below street level. Which makes it a perfect hideout. And not only for guys btw.. just sayin’  that.

If you even remotely follow this blog you know that I am a huge fan of Agustkov’s designs. And even though you might call me biased, every single items he produces is of the same high quality and textured to perfection. 

So there, I said it again For original design and textures that will every texture fetishist drool you know where to go.

The bike, I mentioned that in my last post but I am in love with it, so I used it again in this picture. Just a wee reminder, it’s available at TMD.

Ok enough blaba. You have shopping to do. And even though FLF has come and gone the manhole is of course still available!!

Happy shopping.

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