8 days

8 days

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – Scarlet Creative The Arcade June 15 – Rwah Rustic Barn (RARE) (NEW @ Arcade)
  • UPS envelope with donuts (MODDED) – [Black Bantam] UPS The Donuts Package RARE  (NEW @ Shiny Shabby)

On me

  • Pants – not so bad . KENNY sweatpants . s . grey (NEW @ TMD)
  • Ink – *Bolson Maitreya Applier Tattoo Casanova
  • Pose – Del May

The ramblings

Short ramblings.. good stuff.. grab it while you can and enjoy it and remember that the ‘not so bad’ pants are male so you gotta jiggle them saddle bags! It’s worth it though as they are epic.

As are the donuts in the envelope. I fell for them soon as I saw them and yes you can obviously edit them. Careful though as it is a RARE. 

Go shop and marvel over all the goodies!

Happy shopping.



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