Take my advice and don’t….

Take my advice

The ramblings

If you haven’t listened to the tunes this title doesn’t make much sense, just a FYI. And I am confidant that most haven’t. So for those, the song is “don’t’s” and sums up a nice number of things you shouldn’t do.

And of course charming as I am, I have added on Flickr ‘don’t annoy me’.

I would say that is sound advice as I don’t like to be annoyed and I am guessing neither do you all. If that is the case then I have a question. How come so many people are annoyed in SL?

People are annoyed just about anything. Stuff that is annoying. People that are annoying and so on. Why in the world are people going online and then running around telling other people about how they are annoyed about stuff or how they don’t like this, that or whatever? I don’t get it. I have come across plenty of stuff I do not like. But why would I go around telling everybody? Does it add anything? Not really.

The same goes for people who are annoyed by other people.

Here you are a grown up, loggin on to an online platform (for fun!) and you are annoyed by what others do (or not do). Errrrrr.. Let’s do that again. You are a grown up… For those not fluent in sarcasm I will spell it out for you. Grow up.

So here comes my 10 cents worth the advice.

If you are unhappy log off and work on your life. Find a hobby, buy a plastic plant or if you are in serious trouble find serious help. Do not go online and bitch about just about everything expecting others to have an endless supply of patience, sympathy and time for you. Because you are probably looking for reasons to bitch.

How dare I say this? Simple. Two reasons. First of all it is my opinion and I will give that when and how I want on my blog. It’s called free speech and this wave of Political correctness has past me by.

Secondly because at some point in my life I was pretty much like that. I was very lucky to have a friend who bitchslapped me into reason and made me face up to me and clean up my life. And I did. I mess up and make mistakes on a daily basis as I am only human.

However …you are shit out of luck with your princess on the pea attitude because, been there, done that, got the T-shirt. And I am not buying your crap.

Now what brought this on? Nothing really other then that this is a typical week for me on SL, people who IM me and start telling me about how annoyed they are. Well.. here’s my answer to you all.


Have a nice day.


So no shopping list? No. This is personal post. If you wish info about anything shown in the picture, feel free to IM me and I’ll happily give you all info you wish.

(a huge thanks for my spelling editor, Roo <3) 


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