AMG it’s a meshead


The shopping list and ramblings

  • Head – LeLutka Mesh Head
  • Applier for LeLutka Mesh Head – *YS&YS* HARA Lelutka Applier  4 (NEW @ ShinyShabby)
  • Hair – *Dura-Girl*58(White)

The ramblings

AMG a mesh head. Yes it is!! I finally caved and went over to LeLutka and got myself a mesh head. So this post is about that and appliers.

First off, bare in mind that I am a complete n00b. So if there any (technical) mistakes in this post, don’t shoot me. As always before buying, educate yourself and make sure it is what you want. With this said, here we go;

I don’t like mesh heads but they are so freakingly, eerie beautiful. And this one is very well made and finally I don’t have weird pointy bits on my skull when I only wear a shaved hair base because you know I love my shaved hair.

There are plenty of hair bases available, for example in the appliers from *YS&YS* you have several to play with. Also the head comes with the option for a hair base. BUT.. I mean the shaved ones with patterns like I wear so often. So here’s to hoping.

What I also don’t like you can not tweak the width of your mouth or size of the eye holes etc. This is a limitation from Linden Lab. Creators can’t do much about. It’s waiting for LL to fix that. However that tweaking is what made every avatar unique. Now you are stuck with the skin- and make up options of the appliers.

Let’s talk about that a bit. When you buy the LeLutka head, any of them, you get all the skin tones that are available from Glam Affair. As you might have heard, Glam, LeLutka and Maitreya joined forces and that was in my opinion a stroke of genius. Because the Maitreya body, Lara, also comes with all the skin tones.

So there you are, you just invested 2500 linden and have now a mesh head on top of your Maitreya body. Then you have 10 skintones to chose from without further investment! Now how cool is that? You can go from palest pale to very dark with a mere click on your hud and back again. I call that a good deal. The LeLutka head comes with very basic make up options as a standard so even if you were not to invest any more money you still look, well awesome.

For many people, me included an investment of 2500 linden for a head is a bundle. But I do think it is worth it. Because you have all the options I mentioned above and you have this epicly, eerie head. And it is just bloody beautiful.

Now many people do not like mesh heads. They say that they all look the same and that everybody in SL is now a copy of someone else. Well I guess that is true. That is why I hope that somewhere in the very near future limitations will be lifted and more and more shape options. I.e. the mouth, the nose etc.

On the other hand, who gives a f*ck? Are you in SL to please someone else for your own fun? And I for one don’t give a hoopla what others think about how I look. I am having a ton of fun with the head and am playing with mixing and matching appliers and at times make them clash in the most wonderful ways. There is a vast array of mesh heads with different shapes, looks and options but also an avalanche of appliers. Skins, make ups, tattoos, etc, it’s all out there.

Wrapping it up I would say the mesh head is stunningly beautiful. The collaboration of LeLutka, Glam and Maitreya is in my opinion great and yes it is expensive to buy a body and/or head but it is excellent value. What I think is that we need more non so mainstream options (appliers) to versify and personalize as well as of course my beloved shaved hair bases and freckle applier which I still haven’t found.

Happy shopping!

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