The shopping list and ramblings

  • Bird feeder – Soy. Bird Water Feeder (NEW @ Shiny Shabby)

On me

  • Hair – [sYs] HANAYO Hair – Black (accessory color HUD)
  • Tongue – The Ugly and the Beautiful  + Long Tongue Black Non Rigged + 
  • Dress – Zibska – Verdandi ~ Noir
  • Finger claw – DRD left hand fingerclaw
  • Clemmm & In Mourning – Flooded . Ruptured Eyes

The ramblings

Soy is for me amongst the best creators on the grid. Not only that but also one of the nicest. The gacha release for Shiny Shabby this round is, as per usual, outstanding. Every single piece is well made and holds up under the harshest of conditions. As some of you know or not know, I always run SL in the lowest settings possible.

That is how I ‘judge’ skins, decor, landscaping and so on. I can tell you it makes SL a surreal experience at times but it is a quick way to find really nice stuff. Again, all in the eye of beholder, aka me. 

So Soy. Yes to Soy and the latest release and as per usual I am only showing a tiny part of the release so you better check the whole set out for yourself. Just a FYI, the build is stunning.

Blogging for events has brought me many things. Stress, an inventory that scares me every time I open it and a ‘to blog folder’ that is bigger then all the rest of my inventory together. But it brought something more.

When I started SL I spent a fortune on stuff. And I really mean a fortune. Sadly most of it was utter crap. Luckily I also found a few designers that until this very day are my all time favorites. But I got gun shy. Ya know, once bitten twice shy and all that. So I stuck to the designers I knew and rarely ventured out to new ones. 

How that has changed. Amongst those designers is [ sYs ]. Of course they have grand new releases for various events and of course, true to myself I am not showing you the latest skin or dress but ‘older’ hair. The new skin (at Shiny Shabby this round) is epic btw. And what’s more; It has freckles!!! Do I really need to explain that I have stocked up on LeLutka appliers?

Another designer I have come to love is Zibska. I simply adore the avant garde style she has going and I am visiting her store on an almost weekly basis when I have the time. 

And just a FYI, no I am not blogging for either designer.

Well enough blabla for now. Happy shopping!

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