Same shit, different day

Same shit different day

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Chair – Trompe Loeil – Xandra Chair (NEW @ Uber)

On me

  • Hair – .Shi Hair : Bob Knot [Mono] (NEW @ Uber)
  • Shirt – 7mad;Ravens LanguageOfLove (NEW)
  • Pose – Del May – Deleted
  • Freckles – [theSkinnery] Maitreya Body Applier (champagne)

The ramblings

Now for those who are not in the  mood for a book, happy shopping and see ya next time! For you hardcore rambling lovers, pull up a chair and enjoy.

First of the Trompe Loeil chair. I LOVE chairs like this. In a former life (life 1.0 that is) I had one. The real deal. Sadly I had a dog too. The dog did not like the chair. End of chair.

Cory Edo is not only a kick ass designer but also a very nice person. Way back she helped me out and took the time to answer my rather nooby questions as I once more managed to mess up royally trying to find things and buy things. As I have stated before, that goes a long, long way for me.

Ok, now on to the chair. The life 2.0 version this time. It ispart of a wonderful living room set for this round of Uber and available in PG and adult, with and without blanket. And I have to say the textures for the blanket are so lickable that I can not choose. That goes for the textures of the chair as well btw. As always from Trompe there is a texture change option for both the blanky and the chair. They are all awesome. And that is understating it.

The shirt I am wearing doesn’t fit me. Not by a long shot. And that’s no wonder as it is a men’s shirt. And this time I really had to tweak. Well tweak.. rebuild my shape is a better way of saying it. So ladies.. this one is not for you, but gentlemen you do want this shirt. 

It comes with a hud and gives you no less then TEN (10) options all in greys varying from lighter to darker grey. And the textures.. you guessed right.. I licked them. All of them. 

So why would I wear a shirt that doesn’t fit me? Simple, I like it. It is available at 7mad;Ravens’ mainstore.

Back to Uber now. .Shi has released two new hairs and I love ‘m both, got them both and squealed. They come in awesome colors and even though I am showing the mono black/white here, the Dips hud is amazing as well. I am not sure what else to say about them because I love it all alike. 

Last but not least my freckles. As you might recall I have been on a quest for freckles and I know that many designers are working hard to get them out there for the LeLutka applier. Well…… I found mine! I went back to the store where I got my very first skin and found both LeLutka and Maitreya appliers. There are even 3 densities of freckles you can choose from. The store is of course The Skinnery. 

Again there are many designers that are working on, or have appliers out with freckles. But I am picky. I want not a few sedate dots.. I want freckles in abundance. And I got them. 

My freckles and I will now leave you to your shopping and stop rambling.

Happy shopping!


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