It’s all an illusion

It's all an ilusion

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Theater thingie – uK – Old Americana CarPort RARE (NEW @ The Gacha Garden)
  • Ticket booth – uK – Old Americana Ticket Booth RARE (NEW @ The Gacha Garden)

The ramblings

Don’t you love going to the movies? Or to the theater or as I prefer to say ‘going to the cinema? I just love it, popcorn from the former occupant of my seat sticking to my ass included. It’s just part of going to the cinema. 

I have never been in a drive in theater and when I saw this build from Jamie Cross I jumped up and down and licked it from all sides and I haven’t stopped doing so. The screen that is part of the set, is rather lickable as well!!

So hop on over to the Gacha Garden and see if you can get your hands on these items. They are very much worth it.

Happy shopping!

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