Back to life….

Back to life

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – cinphul // Pluto II [Skybox] (NEW @ CSE)
  • Desk – AF Artists Desk
  • Dummy 1  – Soy. Men’s Torso Mannequin (long)
  • Dress on Dummy 1 – !APHORISM! Selene Dress – Blood Moon – M [RARE] (NEW @ The Gacha Garden)
  • Dummy 2 – Rwah Resident (not for sale)
  • Hat – RO – HIFI Classics – Pink (NEW @ Uber)
  • Ink – *Bolson / Tattoo (NEW @ Shiny Shabby)
  • Shirt – !gO! Tank Top
  • Jeans – Jeans HeavyUsed LQMesh – ClassicCut – REDGRAVE
  • Pose – Del May – Couple pose – Deco dudes

The ramblings

What started out as a shoot for skybox ended up showing of a dress. Ya, I know I am the perfect blogger. So bare with me once more while I ramble on about visible and invisible and almost visible stuff (see I am taking a positive route here). 

The skybox is from Cinphul. For me this is a new store and I bought just about everything. Not only that but I have been pestering the brand manager about this, that and everything and she deserves a seat in heaven. Take my word on that for now as the story is to long for a blogpost. 

The designer of Cinphul crawled into my mind and is catching my mood with old(er) and new releases every single time. My current private home is part of a breathtaking series ‘Delusory [Boutique]’. In one single sweep the creator sets down a mood and vibe that up until now I only found at 2 other places. No I will not name them. Those who are half way preceptive readers know, or when you have some time (and you do or you wouldn’t be reading this blog) figure it out. But I digress. 

Her most recent release, a skybox is yet another piece of evidence that this designer can convey moods. The skybox, a wood/concrete/glass contraption that is build in a diamond shape. You would think it’s a cold standard affair by the sound of it, but it’s not. The textures used are stunning and if you play a bit with the shadows you don’t need furniture. It’s just beautiful. Of course both houses are not- or barely visible in this blogpost. 

Do yourself a favor and check this designer out. Currently they do not have a mainstore but that is in the works as well as more stunning releases. For the MP store click here.

Now let’s talk about what is visible shall we?

!Aphorism! released this wonderful dress as part of their gacha for The Gacha Garden. Rwah and dresses like this is like sticking a tutu on a cow. It simply isn’t me. I love love dresses. But somehow long gowns don’t work well 99,9% of the time when I try to shoot them. So I figured I stick another dummy inside. 

The textures are stunning it comes with an array of trinkets you can use to make yourself even more pretty. For the full gacha key check here

Last but not least, that is to say for this post, the hat from RO. It comes at the perfect timing since I still have not found my shaved hairbase, so now I am wearing this! Coming from this store it really doesn’t need an introduction or praise. Their stuff is just good. 

Same goes for the other stuff in the picture but I am guessing you are squared eyed by now reading this book so I’ll let you off the hook. For now.

Happy shopping.



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